Adhesive Backed Label paper

Quality label substrates that take inkjet printing well are available from several sources.

Embossed Molds

House on the Hill has an excellent selection of molds, embossed pans and rolling pins, as well as recipes and hard to find ingredients like hartshorn (baker's ammonia) used to improve the crispness of embossed designs. Just don't eat the raw dough if you use hartshorn! Cookiemolds.wordpress offers an assortment of historical cookie mold reproductions with recipes for springerle, marzipan and gingerbread. Cookiemold has an array of real wood, hand-carved molds. You can commission a custom design from woodcarvers like Oldrich Kvapil - though the fee is a bit higher.

Wrapping Papers

Check your local craft store for handmade papers you can use to wrap your treats or try these websites:

Baking Sleeves

Panettone sleeves, large paper cups to place the dough in for baking, can be found at the following websites:


Metal, cardboard and plastic containers come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Here are a few sources you might want to explore:

Empty Illy Coffee aluminum canisters or similar containers can be repurposed for packaging.

Canning Jars

We especially like the tasteful canning jars by Weck:

Cardboard circles

Food grade cardboard circles and boards provide a solid foundation for holiday treats like panforte, shortbread, biscotti and Turkish delight and help to protect during shipment.

Shipping Boxes

The USPS provides free cardboard boxes for shipments by Priority mail. Many Fedex or UPS stores have a variety of shipping boxes available as well.

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